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Your dreams can be bigger than your challenges! Learn from real people who have overcome significant barriers to achieve career and business success. Join co-hosts Lee, a business advisor, and Miranda, a career coach, as they conduct interviews that moo-tivate you to break through your barriers and turn your dreams into reality.

Sometimes we forget how important our attitudes are. If we choose positive words each day, good things happen. A reminder with a virtue can he helpful. Join host Lee Watson as he presents a short, inspirational look at how the word for the day can transform your thinking about yourself and your business. You can choose any words you want to represent yourself for the day — why not choose good ones?

Transform your career a little bit at time! Learn to love what you do and do what you love — even if the job you have right now isn’t your dream career. Join Career Coach Miranda Morley for a short, motivational, and practical tip you can use to advance your career RIGHT NOW!