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Greencow Mentor Groups Offer Opportunities for Support, Connection, & Assistance

What are mentor groups?

Mentor groups are comprised of individuals with similar interests and goals. For example, we are currently putting together mentor groups for artists / crafters / creators, those who want to work from home, women in business, and academics who are leaving higher education. New mentor groups are forming all the time!

What do mentor groups do?

Mentor groups meet in person or via Zoom (or in a hybrid setting) once per month. During your mentor group meeting, the mentor will lead a a mastermind / problem solving session. You also may have time to work together or independently on tasks. During the month, mentor group members will provide support, accountability, and assistance to each other via group chat.

How do I sign up for a mentor group?

Signing up is easy! Just fill out our contact form and book a call with us so we can put you in the right group! Book a call here – https://gogreencow.com/contact

What if I have questions?

That’s fine! Book a call to discuss those with us (or send us a message or email)! Book a call here – https://gogreencow.com/contact