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Resources and support make it easier than ever before!

What are you passionate about? What do you really love to do? What is the first thing on your schedule? The activity or event you never miss?

What if you could turn that passion into an income stream?

Whether you’re passionate about photography, painting, parenting, or pasta, turning your passion into an income stream is easier than ever before.

Why? A combination of available internet resources, supporting organizations, and positive reception.

Internet Resources

Many of the tools you need to start and spread the word about your business are free or inexpensive on the web. You can build websites, design marketing emails, create flyers, and keep notes for nothing or next to nothing tanks to free, cloud-based services. Because these programs are cloud based, you don’t even need your own device to access them! You can borrow a computer or visit a local library. In fact, the biggest challenge to using these tools is simply knowing that they exist!

Learn more about these and other tools when you enroll in Greencow’s FREE Basics of Building a Business Workshop!

Supporting Organizations

Trying to do something new and exciting is even more challenging if you’re trying to do it alone. While Internet resources make the process simpler, generating creative ideas, staying motivated, and holding yourself accountable can be challenging when you’re working alone. Fortunately, as more people move away from strictly 9-5 jobs and move to starting and managing their own businesses, more support organizations are popping up. Greencow is one of those organizations. We are a non-profit dedicated to helping people overcome barriers to career and business success through education and support. Contact us to learn how you can be part of a mentor group.

Positive Reception

The 9-5 job is no longer the dominate way people work in the Western world. Many people have instead chosen more flexible career paths. They start their own business, become consultants, work from home, or work on a part-time basis. Thanks to this trend, turning a passion into a profession has received a positive and supportive reception from the community at large, which has resulted in ore opportunities for small businesses and a greater push to shop local.

Greencow would love to help you transform your passion intoa profession!