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At Greencow, we are on a mission to help people overcome barriers to career and business success!

Are you facing a barrier to starting a business or advancing your career?

We believe that none of us can do it alone.
We need communities to support and assist us with achieving our goals.
At Greencow, we seek to develop safe in-person and online spaces that grow into positive, inclusive, collaborative communities that work together to aid and support each other.
We help people overcome many barriers to success, such as…

Financial Challenges

Mental Health Issues

Physical Health Challenges

Caregiving Responsibilities


Lack of Confidence

Our Story

Greencow began its journey as a co-working space in downtown Hammond, Indiana, but we soon realized that we could reach more people if we got out of the office and into the community.

In its current iteration, Business Advisor Lee Watson and Career Coach Miranda Morley serve as the faces of Greencow. They work together with their volunteers and supporters to advise and support people making business and career moves.

Lee and Miranda shooting an episode of The Greencow Show Podcast at the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center with non-profit consultant Becky Jaskoviak.

Our Services

The Greencow Show Podcast

Learn from others who overcame barriers to success.

One-On-One Consultations

Meet with a career coach, business advisor, or therapist. Get advice, support, and referrals.

Live Classes / Workshops

Take our FREE business, storytelling, social media, and resume classes/workshops and learn key skills and strategies.

Masterminds & Support Groups

Get support from your community. Share your problems. Collaborate to create solutions.

Who We Serve

Are you looking for a new career that will align with your passions, strengths, and goals?

Would you like to gain more control over your life by starting a business?

Do you want to transform a passion into a profitable side-gig?

Are you experiencing a challenge in your current business or career?

Are you interested in learning more about how you could impact the world with your business or career?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, YOU are who we serve!

Get Involved!